As teens we use to make fun of our grandparents for watching Lawrence Welk.
Man, what a square he was. Well guess what? We are now the new Lawrence Welk generation minus the bubbles. We call ourselves the “Baby Boomers” but in truth the world sees our “boom” getting a lot softer. We are suppose to be the largest population segment in the United States. Advertising and marketing was essential to include our desires for success. Our demographic power will continue to crumble as time marches on. We are no longer considered essential in many facets. Hollywood is now excluding our involvement for the most part. Television is being scripted for a different type of viewership. Even professional sports has been effected. Entertainment news which covers the scandals of sports is now more important than the viewership of the actual sport. It is astonishing that we know more about the history of our parents generation than our off spring know about the history of our generation. That is why we need to find our old roots through this new technology.
There are thousands of internet radio stations today. It's the future of all radio. Broadcasts are now free from the traditional air waves. These home grown broadcasts can now find a target audience suited for a segment of the population that is missing from the traditional air waves. As baby boomers we need our own bonding inexperience which is not currently available. This goes beyond the Rock N Roll music of our times. Talk Radio with a slant from our vast knowledge is missing. The “talking heads” of today on traditional air waves just don't cut it anymore. That is why I have created this internet radio station. < > Come join the talk. Contribute your memories that people our age will appreciate. Discuss relevant subjects with a slant that only the Baby Boomers living today can understand.
Remember....As Walter Cronkite used to say “What kind of day was it? A day like all other days.
But You Were There. “
Ok.. actually Walter said “You Are There”. But I changed it. After all we WERE there and we still ARE here.  


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